How to choose your ring size


  • US 5 1/2 - EU 10- 15.9mm diameter                                                       
  • US 6- EU 12- 16.5mm diameter
  • US 6 1/2- EU 13- 16.8mm diameter
  • US 7- EU 14 - 17.2mm diameter
  • US 7 1/2- EU 15 - 17.5mm diameter
  • US 8- EU 17 - 18.1mm diameter
  • US 8 1/2- EU 18 - 18.4mm diameter

An easy way to know your which ring size you should buy is to measure a ring that you already have and fits perfectly. The jewel should always be comfortable for you: it should be tight enough so that the ring doesn't fall off, but at the same time a little loose so that it can easily slide over the knuckle. Please bear in mind that the size of the fingers may vary slightly in relation to the environmental temperature (they dilate with the heat).


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