Aika story

Aika, which means identity in the ancient Sanskrit language, was born as a way of pursuing my creative vision. I have always been attracted to this art form that can be worn, and that since ancient times has represented a form of non-verbal expression, as well as a way to show affection to another person.

By doing what I love I can get the best out of myself to offer you exclusive and quality pieces to enhance your own style. They are seasonless and meant to last.

My inspiration comes from the mediterranean landscapes. I was born in Barcelona and I am married to a greek man, so the sea becomes a strong bond between our cultures.

All Aika jewels are designed and handcrafted in Barcelona, following an artisanal and ethical production. They are made from sterling silver or gold plated brass and natural gemstones. Their irregularities are due to the manual processes, what makes them special and unique.

Enjoy wearing them!

Joana Guilló